Don Pancho Origenes Reserva 30 Year Old

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Señor Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez has been making rum for for five decades. His most recent efforts have gone into notable, yet private label rums, including Zafra, Panamonte and Panama Red, Ron De Jeremy, Bohemio, and most recently the excellent Debonaire portfolio.  Maestro Ronero Fernandez began his career in Cuba with Havana Club, then in Panama with Varela Hermanos crafting the beautiful Abuelo rums, and he has consulted for distilleries all over the world.  After many decades perfecting the art of making, aging and blending rum, Don Pancho has made a rum to suit himself.  In his own words Don Pancho says: “Origenes is crafted for the true lovers of rum.  This rum does not follow any current trends in the market.  It is true to the Cuban tradition.”  Don Pancho is a man with a craftsman’s work ethic; possessing consummate skill and a passion for perfection.  Above all he’s a Gentleman.  If allowed only one word to characterize Origenes 30, I’d choose Velvet.  It has the same gentle touch as it’s creator.

Packaging is suitably elegant, a flared wooden cap tops a natural cork stopper.  The squat heavy bottle, with eight-facets, shows respect for the nectar inside rather than attempting a boastful statement.  After all, those in the know, will know how great the rum is.  A metal medallion bearing Don Pancho’s initials is the only significant adornment.  The back label states simply:  “Origenes Reserva Don Pancho is what rum should be.  No compromises.  Just one man and one vision.”

Alcohol: 40%
Volume: 70cl