Pyrat Cask 1623

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We learned in grade school that many pirates suffered from scurvy as their less-than-nutritious diets at sea did not contain enough Vitamin C. (That nutrient is usually found in perishable fruits and vegetables that were rarely found on pirate vessels on long journeys.) Perhaps it's coincidence, but Pyrat Cask 1623, named for the Old English word for "pirate," seems like a citrus blast that can cure whatever ails you. Now, we're not suggesting that you take an 80-proof shot in the morning in lieu of your Flintstones chewables, but this oh-so-smooth, honeyed, syrupy rum is delightful on the nose, palate and the brain. Blended and hand-bottled in the Caribbean by Patrón, best known for their Tequila, the spirit makes a great gift even without the over-the-top packaging: hand-made decanter, wood display case and an ornament bearing the image of Hoti, the patron saint of fortune tellers and bartenders. 
Alcohol: 40%
Volume: 75cl